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'COD: Warzone' Nerfs Controversial Gun That Caused Players To Uninstall The Game

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'COD: Warzone' Nerfs Controversial Gun That Caused Players To Uninstall The Game

In typical Call Of Duty: Warzone fashion, Activision has announced it'll be nerfing a controversial weapon mere days after it was added to the game.


The divisive Sykov pistol was added to the battle royale a little over a week ago, and managed to cause a huge amount of chaos and destruction during its debut. The vast majority of users instantly took issue with the fact that the pistol was straight-up broken, and capable of mowing down enemies with ease as long as the right attachments were, well, attached.

It quickly became apparent that something had to change. Using the monolithic suppressor, Sorokin 140mm auto barrel, the 5mW laser, and 80-round drum magazines, the Sykov was an incredible force to be reckoned with. Adding Akimbo for dual wielding doubled the already enviable firepower. A Sykov with all the trimmings boasted a disgusting time-to-kill, taking out players in second and threatening to completely change up Call Of Duty: Warzone for the worse.



"I've uninstalled following the release of the Sykov," wrote Reddit user DefunctHunk. "I have no problem with fast TTK in multiplayer, that's expected. But in WZ, I'm so tired of looting for 10 minutes only to get deleted in under half a second with no time to react."

Raven Software was quick to catch wind of the Sykov-related unrest, and promised swift action. Sure enough, the powerful pistol has now received a significant nerf.

As detailed in an official announcement over on Raven Software's Twitter, the Sykov has definitely had the sting taken out of its tail. For a start, its hip-fire bullet spread has been increased when used with the Sorokin 140mm Auto attachment, Attach the 80 Round Drums, and movement speed is reduced by 5%, as well as 2% when aiming down sights. If both attachments are part of your Sykov's loadout, the pistol's damage will be reduced by an incredible 25%. Finally, dual-wielding will result in a 5% movement speed reduction.


Will this round of nerfs be enough to satisfy players, or will the Sykov continue to dominate? Watch this space.

Featured Image Credit: Activision

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Ewan Moore
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