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'Dark Souls' Player Beats Bosses Using Controller Made Of Pizza


'Dark Souls' Player Beats Bosses Using Controller Made Of Pizza

Dark Souls is oftentimes cited as the classic test of skill, strength and patience for gamers. Others like to push the envelope and attempt no-hit runs or even no bonfire runs. This guy, however, decided to try and play the gruelling game while using a pizza as a controller.


This guy is Super Louis 64, a game developer and controller modder who we've seen featured on GAMINGbible before. He defeated the Tower Knight in Demon's Souls with a set of Donkey Kong Bongos from Donkey Kong Jungle Beat. I'm yet to decide whether Super Louis 64 is a genius or a glutton for punishment as he's also played as Sombra in Overwatch with the Nintendo Power Glove and modded Breath of the Wild to respond to a Ring-Con as its controller. Hyrule is no walk in the park, but that's precisely what this player had to do. To travel through the realm, he had to jog on the spot. To attack, he had to squeeze the Ring-Con while jogging. To jump, he had to pull the Ring-Con upwards while jogging. To pause the game, he had to squat.

Each to their own, but goodness gracious. Imagine if you had to literally sprint for your life in Resident Evil. I'd be ready to run a half-marathon lickety-split.

If you're out of breath from reading that, sit back and relax while watching our travel guide to Lothric.



So, in this latest venture, Super Louis 64 chose to hook up a pizza to a U-HID board to create a cheesy and greasy controller with which to play Dark Souls 3. "Triangle pizza is really good. I think square pizza is better. Square pizza takes up less real estate... the square pizza is wide and kind of long," said the modder as he introduced the controller concept to his Twitch viewers. As you see in the clip below, on his left, he arranged the slices to represent forwards, backwards, left and right movement. On his right, he has the "attack pizza," "lock on pizza" and "dodge pizza" - touching forwards pizza and dodge pizza simultaneously lets the character roll.


Incredibly, the set up recognised that when Super Louis 64 took a bite out of the pizza, it would cause the character to consume an estus flask. One issue that he did encounter was that there is no "camera pizza", which makes surveying the environment for enemies difficult. Fortunately, the modder is so in tune with the game that he has memorised attack patterns and was able to triumph over enemies without too much hassle. Even while using slices of pizza for the various commands.

"I tested this thing out for the past two days. I... I'm not sick of pizza, however I will not be eating pizza for quite a while," he said. Now I'm hungry for pizza. I wonder if different toppings would let you swap to different weapons.

Featured Image Credit: Super Louis 64 via Twitch, FromSoftware

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Imogen Donovan
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