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Dentist Provides Free Cleanings To Those That Can Beat Him At Super Smash Bros

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Dentist Provides Free Cleanings To Those That Can Beat Him At Super Smash Bros

You know if I was going to try and name a game that a dentist might typically enjoy, I probably wouldn't say Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, would you? Maybe Surgeon Simulator or perhaps something like Overcooked that at least perhaps had a relationship to food. But as someone who already does a stressful job, more stress on a battlefield might be the last thing I'd want. Not this dentist. In fact, Dr. Tej A. Shah likes Smash Bros. Ultimate so much that he's giving away free teeth cleanings if clients can beat him in the game.


As reported by Dexerto, Dr. Tej A. Shah at Zen Family Dental has found an entirely new way of bringing in business by introducing gaming into his practice, which actually, seems like a pretty good idea right? At least it might get some more gamers into the chair at least.

The Zen Family Dentist YouTube channel has a video of the Dr speaking to audiences and telling them to come in and beat him at Smash for a free dental cleaning. Hilariously, he also gets a little into trash-talking audiences when he says if you win, you get a free service and if you lose, well, you have to tell everyone that you lost to a dentist. It's harsh, and yet completely true.

The dentist took to Reddit to talk a little about what he plays and what the rules are for these matches. He posts: "For a while, Little Mac was my main. However, more recently, I've been getting pretty good at Pyra/Mythra."


Only stages allowed at tournament level are allowed to be picked and the rules are just three stocks, no items, and no final smashes which is pretty general. Nothing unusual here, just a fight to determine the better fighter. Zen Family Dental has even held whole tournaments before with a $250 Amazon Gift card up for grabs, so the game is well and truly integrated into its business strategy at this point.


This isn't the first time that entertainment has been introduced into Zen Family Dental however, as older videos show that the screens in the rooms are hooked up to allow patients to pick movies, TV, or games to entertain them while their appointment is happening. Pretty neat.

Featured Image Credit: Dr. Tej A. Shah / Nintendo

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Imogen Mellor
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