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'DOOM Eternal' Made $450 Million Without The Use Of Microtransactions


'DOOM Eternal' Made $450 Million Without The Use Of Microtransactions

If you've wondered whether DOOM: Eternal was a success for id Software, well, first of all, yes, it made a lot of money as it turns out, and secondly, it did it without microtransactions. A user on Reddit has spotted details in a staff member's LinkedIn bio, telling us that DOOM: Eternal made at least $450 million in the first nine months of sales.


The game released in March 2020 (the same day as Animal Crossing: New Horizons if you remember the memes about Isabelle and Doomguy teaming up) and in the first nine months of sales, the revenue exceeded the $450 million mark. It's now March again, so it's a little unclear how much the title made in almost a full year, but it wouldn't be ridiculous to think it'll have cleared $500 million by now. So, I guess, congrats id Software, your game did really well without selling a million add-on items.

We know this little detail, because as Redditor I_love_to_please points out, David Saunders who is the Product Management Lead at id Software, made the announcement via his personal LinkedIn bio. The full quote says, that while he was at id Software, his "responsibilities included product KPI development, game monetization, economy, analytics, feature specs, feature roadmaps, and more. One major focus was on Doom Eternal, which generated over $450m in revenue in the first 9 months of release (per Superdata public information)." Saunders has since moved on to working for Gearbox Publishing (of the Borderlands series) as a Product Manager.



In recent DOOM related news, it was revealed that the team at id genuinely considered putting a female slayer in the game. Instead of it being just a reskin of Doomguy, the female Doom slayer would have had her own moves, fighting style, glory kills and maybe even weapons. Well with the obvious success of DOOM Eternal maybe that's something we'll get when another DOOM game comes around again.

Featured Image Credit: id Software

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Imogen Mellor
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