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A 'Dragon Age 4' Demo Could Arrive As Soon As Next Month


A 'Dragon Age 4' Demo Could Arrive As Soon As Next Month

Fans have been waiting for the next Dragon Age game for almost seven years now, and this leak claims that they'll be able to jump into Thedas again very soon.


Most Dragon Age players will know that it hasn't been smooth sailing for the sequel, but I'll bring everyone up to speed just in case. Dragon Age Inquisition released to a rapturous reception and development on the next game kicked off only one year afterwards in 2015. Codenamed Joplin, the protagonist would have been placed at the heart of a rotten conspiracy in the Tevinter Imperium, and the scale of Inquisition would have been done away with for a tighter, more narrative heavy experience.

Things were progressing well, yet the technical issues on Mass Effect: Andromeda and Anthem led to more and more staff pulled from Dragon Age and put on these problematic projects. Ultimately, Joplin was cancelled as Electronic Arts found that it would not have been able to implement monetised live service elements to the game, and a number of high profile developers left BioWare as a result.

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The next iteration of Dragon Age was codenamed Morrison, and this is the game that we saw at The Game Awards 2018 and The Game Awards 2020. Owing to the poor performance of Anthem and the success of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, the new game is definitely going to be a single-player jaunt across the remnants of Thedas, following Solas' best efforts to tear it all down. Personally, I'm looking forward to reuniting with the aloof mage and giving him an absolute earful for his continued cluelessness. I'd better figure out what I want to say soon, because a leaker is asserting that players will get their mitts on an alpha version of Dragon Age 4 before EA Play in July.

@PlaystationSize, a Twitter account that tells PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 users how much space games will need before they roll out to the masses, has apparently spied a "test" version for the consoles somewhere out there. They do not share information on how large this test version is nor whenabouts it would become available to players. Imaginably, its possible existence has sparked some serious discussions in the community. "They could be following the Larian model of releasing early parts of the game in early access then developing the rest according to feedback," said Reddit user StardustShaman, referring to Baldur's Gate 3's early access period.


Of course, seeing as neither Electronic Arts nor BioWare have made mention of a demo or early access period for the game, we'll have to consider this leak with a pinch of salt. EA Play Live is occurring on July 22nd, so we've got a little under a month to wait for a possible sneak peek at the anticipated RPG. Dragon Age 4 is on its way in 2022.

Featured Image Credit: BioWare

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Imogen Donovan
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