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'Evil Dead: The Game' Is Brilliantly Gory In New Gameplay Trailer


'Evil Dead: The Game' Is Brilliantly Gory In New Gameplay Trailer

While the first-ever gameplay-featuring trailer for Elden Ring definitely stole the show at the Summer Games Fest kick-off event on the evening of June 10 - and fair play, as FromSoftware's new, deliciously dark baby looks absolutely wonderful - there was a smattering of other updates and reveals that absolutely tickled our pickle. And one in particular was exceptionally groovy.


We've known Evil Dead: The Game was in the works for a while now - it was announced officially at The Game Awards at the end of 2020. But Summer Games Fest has given us our first proper blood-splashed peek at a multiplayer slash 'em up that's sure to be a hit with all fans of boomsticks, chainsaws for hands, and fancy pants.

Check out the brand-new trailer for Evil Dead: The Game, below - warning though, it's a gory one!



So how's that for some sugar, baby? Narrated by the heroic Ash Williams himself, Bruce Campbell, the trailer shows off how players can assume the roles of a number of characters from the Evil Dead franchise. Please note that while the trailer above is Xbox branded, this isn't an Xbox exclusive - it'll also come out for PlayStation consoles, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

Players will team up in groups of four "classic Evil Dead heroes", to take on a fifth player, who's cast as the Kandarian Demon - y'know, the Evil Dead series' big-bad, responsible for the Deadites after it was summoned by the Necronomicon (pro-tip: leave spooky looking books the heck alone). Basically the evil of the title, and one of you gets to be the absolute queen of she-b*tches.

There's looting and crafting, and teamwork is vital if the team of four is to best the demonic antagonist. Players can even be scared to death, so it's not just being sliced and diced that's a threat in this game as your own nerves can be your undoing. By finding pages of the Necronomicon and other essential objects, the Kandarian Demon can be banished and the game won.


Or, as Bruce so succinctly puts it, "You can play as the demon itself - but who'd wanna do that, you'd be a dick." IDK man, being evil in video games is pretty compelling. He adds that "it was no accident that Ash always wore brown pants," and yeah, we getcha Bruce, we getcha. In related news, E3 2021 is kinda happening! Kinda now! Here's our guide to all the showcases, coming to you through the internet.

Developed by Saber Interactive - the studio that brought The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt to Switch, and will also be handling its Complete Edition port on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X - and published by Boss Team Games, Evil Dead: The Game is set to release later in 2021. Can you buy it at S-Mart? Unconfirmed.

Featured Image Credit: Boss Team Games

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