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'Fallout: New Vegas 2' Could Finally Be In Development, Obsidian Hiring For New Game

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'Fallout: New Vegas 2' Could Finally Be In Development, Obsidian Hiring For New Game

Obsidian Entertainment has a new, as-yet-unconfirmed open-world game in the works, judging by a new job listing picked up by Reddit. Which means, inevitably, that we're all going to jump the gun and hope that it's something vaguely connected to the studio's outstanding Fallout: New Vegas of 2010. It's only natural. Lean into it.


Okay, more realistically, it's likely that the job listing for a technical artist in the world performance area is wholly unrelated to the Fallout world. A sequel to 2019's well-received The Outer Worlds is one possibility (just never play it on Switch), and rumours that such a game was in the works began to circulate in late 2020. Then again, we've also heard that a sequel to New Vegas is happening, so, why not get a little excited, right?

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The ideal candidate for this unannounced project will need "a solid understanding of the current concerns, performance monitoring tools and pipelines for open-world development in Unreal 4 on PCs and Consoles". They will need "functional knowledge of efficient and performant open-world creation", and should have four or more years of experience in open-world game dev, with "two shipped titles as a Technical or Senior Technical Artist".

On Reddit, users are sharing their own thoughts on what this open-world game might be. One highlights that it could be a Star Wars game, given Obsidian has previously played around with concepts in that sci-fi universe. But then, Ubisoft is making moves there, already. Many comments say it must be The Outer Worlds 2, but there are also several that suggest that a New Vegas sequel would be the more profitable option for the studio (and its parent company, Microsoft).

"1000% Outer Worlds 2 is happening," reads one of the replies on Reddit. "Whether this is it or not, who knows. But it probably is." And yeah, we're going to have to agree. But whatever this game is, chances are we'll be hearing about it pretty soon - a small thing called E3 is happening next month, and Xbox is sure to come out swinging with a host of reveals for new projects from its many owned studios.

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