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Fallout's Biggest Ever Mod Was So Popular It Broke The Internet


Fallout's Biggest Ever Mod Was So Popular It Broke The Internet

Modding can come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes it's just a small aesthetic improvement to an item or two, or changing the size of in-game NPCs (we're looking at you Skyrim) - but other times mods are huge, entire games in themselves. That's the case for brand-new Fallout: New Vegas mod, The Frontier. And it's so impressive that it broke a small part of the internet.


If you didn't already know, Fallout: New Vegas fans have been waiting for The Frontier mod for years. It promises a whole new story set in the New Vegas engine, with fully fleshed out questlines and NPCs. At this point, it's considered by avid fans to basically be another entry into the Fallout series while people wait for Bethesda to move on from Fallout: 76.


The release of the mod was so wildly anticipated that NexusMods, a large modding site where the project was available, broke down for a lot of the release day according to Eurogamer. Don't worry though, it's all running smoothly once again and you can download The Frontier from there whenever you wish.


Here's a description of The Frontier from the devs themselves. "Fallout: The Frontier is a gigantic DLC/New Game. As the "Courier" you start a new adventure centred around a conflict between the NCR and the Legion in the snow blasted remains of Portland Oregon." The game seems to have 60+ hours of content, new armour, weapons and even a fully voiced cast of characters. What's not to like?

If you want to play the game yourself, you will need Fallout: New Vegas as well as all of the games' DLC to run it. You can get the mod on NexusMods right now, but if you prefer downloading it from Steam you can wait a little while for it to become available there.

Featured Image Credit: The Frontier Team

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