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'Far Cry 6' Has A Secret Ending That's Already Been Discovered


'Far Cry 6' Has A Secret Ending That's Already Been Discovered

Far Cry 6 has a secret ending, as the tradition goes since the fourth entry in the series, and this one is definitely depressing. If you're looking for the easy way out, read on to find out how to unlock it.


In the upcoming game, the fictional Caribbean island of Yara is under siege. President Antón Castillo rules with an iron fist, squashing any rebels that dare threaten the glorious future that he has planned for his people, and training his son Diego to take over in time. I'm sure you'll recognise the actor playing the game's villain as it is none other than Giancarlo Esposito.

The fact that the three-time Emmy Award nominee was very happy to lend his likeness and voice to the character was a huge get for Ubisoft. "It was the start of this really beautiful collaboration that translated right to performance capture," said narrative director Navid Khavari on the first time that the team met Esposito to talk about Far Cry 6. "He was really ready to embrace being part of the Far Cry legacy."

Check out gameplay of Far Cry 6 below, featuring the beautiful jungles of Yara and the brilliant Amigos who will travel with you!



Spoilers for Far Cry 6's secret ending follow, so be warned!


In as much as Antón is a worried father trying to hone his son into the man who will be strong enough to become President, he is cold-blooded when it comes to those that challenge his place as the leader of Yara. At the start of the game, he finds Diego (as well as the hero Dani Rojas) on a boat trying to escape the island. He collects his son to take him home, killing everyone who was also on board the boat, and Dani becomes a part of the rebel group Libertad.

After the deaths of Lita and Julio, the leader of Libertad offers Dani a boat to take them away from Yara as payment for helping her. If the player continues on their journey to Miami and doesn't follow the objective "Talk To Juan," Dani will say, "I'm sorry... not my fight."


It fades to black and then a cutscene shows Dani sunbathing on a beach. A gorgeous scene, to be sure, but the radio tells us that "peace" has been achieved in Yara after Antón's special forces assassinated the leader of Libertad. Moreover, the pandemic appears to be worsening and another nation-wide lockdown could be on the cards. The end credits start to roll on an arguably depressing ending for Dani and Yara. Dani ends up wondering if their actions would have turned the tide for the country and Yara remains under Antón's thumb.

Featured Image Credit: Ubisoft

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Imogen Donovan
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