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FaZe Clan Doesn’t Take Ownership Of Six-Year-Old Ban Stunt


FaZe Clan Doesn’t Take Ownership Of Six-Year-Old Ban Stunt

Earlier this month the internet went wild regarding the story of RowdyRogan - a six-year-old kid looking to become part of the FaZe Clan that live on stream had his Call Of Duty account banned by Activision. Twitter was ablaze with the #FreeRogan hashtag and many fans of the kid and FaZe were upset at Activision for removing Rogan from the game but in a twist no one expected, it all turned out to be a stunt.


We then reported that Rogan had been put up to the challenge of making a viral video as the next step in the FaZe 5 process (the competition to get into FaZe clan which Rogan is competing in). Rogan and his family created a fake streaming video, supported with fake crying audio from his sister, and acting from his parents. Many are now upset with the family for deceiving people into supporting Rogan, while others think the whole production was incredibly clever and the kid deserves a spot in FaZe.

PC Gamer has now reached out to FaZe to hear the company's thoughts on the video and CEO Lee Trink has seemingly distanced FaZe Clan from the decisions of the family. Trink writes, "This particular challenge was to create content that goes viral. What finalists choose to do with these tasks and how they approach each challenge is also being assessed, not just the quantitative results. A broad challenge is more emblematic of what their experience will be like in FaZe since a key goal of ours is to support our talent's vision of their individual career. The judging process is not mathematical. It's far more qualitative than quantitative. Our methodology and process is proprietary and not something we share."



Upon PC Gamer asking the CEO if they'd be happy allowing a child on the team, working with them - Trink only responded with a note on the process of FaZe 5. "One special part of the FaZe5 process is demonstrating that our fans are potentially one to two moves away from actually being in FaZe Clan" Trink writes.

It's more than likely, allowing a child on the team, playing an 18+ game could result in more trouble down the line. It's a difficult judgement call for the team, as Rogan is probably the best known of the last 20 participants of the FaZe 5 challenge, but then again, he's a child and his parents are calling the shots on his career. We'll be waiting to see what FaZe's final decision regarding the new members of the team is.

Featured Image Credit: RowdyRogan (via YouTube) / FaZe

Topics: News, Call of Duty

Imogen Mellor
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