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FaZe Clan’s Ewok Comes Out As First Male Transgender Player On T1 Esports Team

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FaZe Clan’s Ewok Comes Out As First Male Transgender Player On T1 Esports Team

Earlier this week FaZe Clan's Ewok announced on Twitter that he was transgender and bisexual, using National Coming Out day to let his followers and fans know - and make esports history in the process. With his news, the 15-year-old Soleil 'Ewok' Wheeler is officially the first male transgender player on a T1 esports team.


Ewok shared his news through a TwitLonger linked in a tweet that simply read "coming out," which was soon followed by an outpouring of support and love from his fans and fellow FaZe Clan members.

"I want to be open about it and educate people but feel comfortable with myself," Ewok explained. "I never felt right in girl body and struggled. When I was 11 years old, I dressed up like a boy and grabbed some of my little brother's clothes. I took pictures. For the past eight years, I never was truly happy with myself and struggled."


"I know the transition and stuff will be tough for me," he continued. "I am nervous as hell. This is huge especially since I am in FaZe and first transgender guy in T1 esports organization. There are not many trans people on organizations or stuff like that. I want to be honest as possible with you guys. This is truly a big decision and I know it'll impact some people. I'll need y'all support. I truly appreciate it if you supports. It means the world to me. Thank you. Thank you for being patient with me."

While Ewok understandably feels there are more challenges to come, FaZe Clan members and fans alike were quick to share their own words of encouragement with the young player.


"Love you Ewok," wrote friend and teammate Blaze in a reply on Twitter. "You are an incredible human and I am proud to call you my teammate. Continue being yourself as you find your way in this world."

"You are loved," added the official FaZe Clan account in a simple but powerful show of solidarity.

Ewok currently has over 350,000 followers on Twitter, and was nominated for Content Creator of the Year at The Game Awards in 2019. He's currently signed to an exclusive streaming contract with Twitch after a brief stint over on Microsoft's own Mixer platform.

Featured Image Credit: FaZe/Twitter

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