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Gamer Uses Xbox’s Warmth To Save The Life Of Their Pet Degu

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Gamer Uses Xbox’s Warmth To Save The Life Of Their Pet Degu

As someone who owns a pet of my own, having animals get sick is the absolute worst. You can't tell them it's going to be okay, or that they need to take the medication to feel better, and they can't even tell you how they're feeling. But in today's most wholesome Reddit thread, it seems that one gamer has been able to use their hobby to help keep their pet alive.


On the Gaming subreddit, user KenRmk posted a picture of his pet degu looking a little under the weather, placed neatly on top of his Xbox. The caption was simply: "Xbox is keeping our pet alive by warming her up since heat pads are sold out." But modern problems require modern solutions, right? Thank goodness for their quick thinking in these circumstances, to keep Cookie safe.

Please, please please, never rest your pet on gadgets as grim as these...



The poster follows the picture up with a story of how this situation came to be. They write: "She's a degu named Cookie. We noticed something was wrong last night and she's been deteriorating ever since. Vet gave her some medication and told us to keep her warm until the next visit tomorrow morning. Heat pads are sold out so we kept her in our hands, on a chest, etc. to keep her warm.

"After a whole day of intense care, with the question 'how to survive the night?' looming ahead... I got an idea, to pull out the Xbox from under the TV and put on the table. This way we can keep an eye on her, while she's resting on the warm side.


"So far we're alternating between casually playing Burnout (to ease our worries) and idling in a menu to keep the temperature OK. Overnight we'll crank up the heat by putting [on] Valhalla if it gets cold, take shifts with my girlfriend, care for Cookie, and maybe hunt down some achievements along the way."

Cookie did seem to survive the night and get taken to the vet once again by her owners. They've been on Reddit and indicated that the degu is still being kept warm by the console at the moment. Hopefully she gets better soon.

Featured Image Credit: KenRmk

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