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Gamers Share Scenes That Made Them Cry, And Great, Now I'm Sad Too


Gamers Share Scenes That Made Them Cry, And Great, Now I'm Sad Too

While games started out as tests of skill, pinging one pixel from one end of the screen to the other, today they are cinematic and affecting interactive experiences. And sometimes, they make us cry.


Of course, for me, I remember vividly the end of Professor Layton and the Lost Future. Level-5, I just wanted to solve some puzzles in steampunk London chasing down the evil future Layton, why did you do this to me?

Developing friendships with the cast of characters in a BioWare game is doomed from the start, if you're not willing to complete their personal questlines. Yet, some of the most shockingly sad events in games are the ones that arrive with no notice. Arthur Morgan meeting the doctor in Saint Denis. Lee's ultimatum for Clementine at the end of their journey together. General Shepherd getting off the plane regrouping with Ghost and Roach.

Not that it's a competition, but we've got a compilation of the most heartbreaking deaths in video games! Sorry for the exclamation point. I don't know what happened.



A trend on Twitter (I know, right?) has gamers sharing the text "I promise I won't cry. It's just a single frame from a game" accompanied by the moment that made them bawl their eyes out. Come on now, it's Twitter, and this is a safe space to confess that you shed some tears over things that aren't real. So. Here goes. Get those Kleenexes to hand.


Yep, this one cuts through to the core of plenty of Call Of Duty players. The callousness of General Shepherd's actions stings all the more when you remember that this guy is hailed as the hero. THIS GUY. Ok, we're over it (we're not over it).


The stories that weave through Joel and Ellie's journeys across both The Last Of Us games pack one heck of a punch, and it's simply the small moments that possess the most gravitas in this gruelling saga.

Ethan Winters. The most milquetoast protagonist to grace the Resident Evil games. Except, he was kind of awesome, at the end. Battling the minions of a disturbing cult to rescue his daughter and stopping anyone else from being hurt by blowing up the source of the mould that infected him and Mia in the Baker house, I'll admit I'm sad that I won't hear any more of his puns and ridiculous underreactions to mutated monsters.


We were all in pieces over the inevitable death of Lee Everett in The Walking Dead, but this choice shoved our hearts into a blender and set the settings to "max." Whether you left Lee to turn or asked Clementine to shoot him, this ending is still as heartbreaking as it was eight years ago.

Did we miss any traumatising moments? Clearly, yes, there are loads more out there... So share with us the moments where your heart got shattered into teeny tiny pieces, all thanks to a video game!

Featured Image Credit: Telltale Games, Naughty Dog, Activision

Topics: Call of Duty, The Last Of Us

Imogen Donovan
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