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'Ghost Of Tsushima' Update Allows Fox To Do A Happy Dance Before Getting Pets


'Ghost Of Tsushima' Update Allows Fox To Do A Happy Dance Before Getting Pets

You know what, if I could befriend a fox, I would. I mean whenever I'm walking back home and I see the little red scoundrels, I want to pet them as if they're a cat. Of course, I've never achieved this dream and really do not want to contract something if it turns around and bites me so it's still on my bucket list. However, Sucker Punch Productions has brought us all closer to owning our own foxes with an update to Ghost of Tsushima and I already love it.


Though you've been able to pet foxes for a while in Ghost of Tsushima, Sucker Punch has now made those interactions even cuter. We're talking heart-melting, tear-jerking cute. The Can You Pet The Dog Twitter account which documents the animals you can or cannot pet in video games put together a gif of a new interaction you get when hanging out with foxes and I can't deal with it. I love it dearly.

The foxes now can do a little dance in anticipation of being scratched by your character and it's just as cute as it sounds. The animation is excellent and you may even recognise it as it's sort of a meme reference.


In a follow-up tweet after showing off the animation to the Can You Pet The Dog audience, it was noticed that actually the little tap dance the fox does is probably based on a dancing dog gif you may recognise. It's cute no matter what, but now we know it's based on a meme, it's practically perfect.

Perhaps this update will be what it takes to get some of you to finally try out Ghost of Tsushima. Sony's showcase happening later this week may feature the work of Sucker Punch Productions, perhaps detailing further updates to the game but rumours suggest that it could be there to introduce the next look at the Infamous series.

Featured Image Credit: Sucker Punch Productions

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Imogen Mellor
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