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'God Of War' Director Wants 'The Mandalorian' Made Into A Video Game

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'God Of War' Director Wants 'The Mandalorian' Made Into A Video Game

Like so many of you out there, I'm absolutely loving The Mandalorian right now. I was obviously well into the first season, but this new run of episodes? Well, I honestly think it might be the best Star Wars I've seen since Empire Strikes Back, and I obviously mean that as the highest possible compliment.


Not that long ago I attempted to shamelessly cash in on my love of the Disney+ show by writing an article on why I think The Mandalorian would make an excellent video game. I argued, as so many have, that the show itself already has this video game-ish quality to it, with Mando and The Child exploring the world taking on what amount to sidequests as they meet new people and collect gear in service of their wider mission... the main campaign, in other words.

As it turns out I'm far from alone in thinking the world needs a video game adaptation of The Mandalorian. Cory Barlog, director of 2018's best game God Of War, recently took to Twitter to pitch his own idea for what a game starring the bounty hunter and his young charge might look like, and it sounds awesome. The two of us actually had a lot of the same ideas. I'm not saying that means we're now best friends and we're going to go into business together or whatever. We'll see what happens.


Barlog's pitch for The Mandalorian video game is mostly what you'd expect. He sees it as a "great single-player" adventure with "a strong focus on character development with relatable human triumphs, losses, and seemingly impossible decisions to wrestle with". He also envisages plenty of flying around, shooting, and upgrading armour.

Crucially, Barlog doesn't want to work on this imaginary game himself. I would imagine he's already got his hands full with a completely different game about a gruff loner and his young companion. Instead, he's reaching out to all the other developers out there in a bid to light the spark that will ignite The Mandalorian video game.


He even jokes that there's a team out there already working on but they just can't talk about it yet. I wish that were true, I really do, but as many other developers in the thread commented, such a game was basically in development in the form of 1313... and we all know what happened to that one. Who knows though, maybe The Mandalorian has given EA cause to reassess the value of bounty hunters in video games.

Featured Image Credit: Disney/Sony

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Ewan Moore
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