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Grand Theft Auto Fans Piece Together The Ultimate 'GTA 6' Map


Grand Theft Auto Fans Piece Together The Ultimate 'GTA 6' Map

One day, friends, we'll have official confirmation of another Grand Theft Auto game, but today is not that day. GTA V was now released eight years ago, and through modders, a vast role-playing scene, and updates to Grand Theft Auto Online, GTA V has continued to thrive as if it was a brand new game. Over the years, though, fans have become ravenous for any information on a GTA 6 and that includes rumoured maps.


Ever since Red Dead Redemption fans dismissed a Red Dead Redemption 2 map leak which turned out to be real, Rockstar's fans have been really careful to not dismiss any leaks which can't be proven false. This includes map leaks that have steadily appeared over the years which hint at Project Americas - a rumour which argues that Grand Theft Auto 6 will take place not only in a satirical USA but also spans South America where the protagonist leads a criminal empire.

Fans have been forced to make their own fun in Grand Theft Auto V without much new content from Rockstar. For example, look at what one fan thinks a Vice City 2 would look like...



A sustained stream of map leaks has led one fan on Reddit to put them all together to provide a potential look at what GTA 6 could look like if these maps are the real deal. And you might be surprised to see the sheer amount of water the map is displaying.

From the way this fan map looks, it seems that there will be two main islands, and then a few smaller clusters in between. Of course, this is a limited interpretation based on rumoured maps, it could all be a myth - however, it does feel like Grand Theft Auto could pull off a game that combines sailing, flying, and more with a criminal empire.


We'll always be keeping an eye out for more information on the next GTA. The most recent news from Rockstar was that the team was looking for new game testers. We've since been wondering what those developers will be testing.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar

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Imogen Mellor
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