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'GTA 4' Gets The Graphical Overhaul It Deserves In Stunning Next-Gen Showcase

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'GTA 4' Gets The Graphical Overhaul It Deserves In Stunning Next-Gen Showcase

Grand Theft Auto IV might not be the most fondly remembered of Rockstar's games, but for my money its story, characters, and open world are up there with the best the iconic developer has to offer.


Liberty City is a fascinating digital playground, one filled with things for players to see and do. Street races, bowling, air hockey, arm wrestling, bowling, darts, bowling - you name it, Liberty City has it. It's unlikely we'll be returning to this particular concrete jungle for Grand Theft Auto VI, given the sheer number of rumours that point to Vice City or an entirely new location, but what might Rockstar's fictional take on New York look like with a fresh coat of paint?

The answer, of course, is "pretty damn slick". Thanks to iCEnhancer creator Hayysam Keilany, we now have some idea of what a next-gen remake of GTA IV would look like. Keilany's new mod, which you can see in action below, aims to enhance the performance and quality of the open-world game. Based on this initial trailer, it looks like it succeeds massively. Thanks to DSOGaming for bringing this one to our attention.


The iCEnhancer 4 & RevIVe Mod will build on previous incarnations of the mod in significant ways. It features new graphical flourishes like volumetric fog, improved water effects, multi-layered clouds, reflections, greatly improved night shadows, and even all-new trees. Seriously, there are some good-looking trees in this mod. I'm impressed.

Unfortunately, there's no release date for this impressive-looking mod just yet, as Keilany is working on it in their spare time. Still, it's a tantalising glimpse at what a truly next-gen Grand Theft Auto experience might look like, and a fantastic reason to dive back in GTA IV - a game I think was perhaps judged a little too harshly at the time.

For now, be sure to keep an eye on the RevIVe Discord for future updates, and be sure to thank Keilany for his tireless work and dedication to a GTA game that most people just aren't that fussed about anymore.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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