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Rockstar Post "El Rubio" Video, Suggesting A 'GTA Online' Expansion

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Rockstar Post "El Rubio" Video, Suggesting A 'GTA Online' Expansion

Rockstar has managed to captivate audiences for a long time with GTA Online. After the release of Grand Theft Auto V, there hasn't been a moment where players weren't racing around Los Santos with their mates, even if they thought the game could use some improvements here and there. It now seems that the next expansion for GTA Online could be around the corner.

As it's a live game, expansions for GTA Online are expected every so often. They can come in the form of heists and new activities, often new content like cars are added into the game. This seems like it could be a mystery mission with high stakes - maybe you just fall in with the wrong crowd; if it's possible to have a worse crowd than Trevor, Michael and Franklin, that is.

The video teasing... something was posted Rockstar's Twitter account, and doesn't even have any text suggesting a release date or a name for the expansion. Very darn mysterious.

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The video is cryptic and strange. A screen tinged green like some sort of military scanner flashes up with "El Rubio Dossier" as it initialises. Then we see quite a few images of places like an extravagant hotel or villa perhaps, and a field that looks like a vineyard, before cutting to the blurred out body of a person on the beach.

From the looks of things, they're probably dead - washed up on the shore after being dumped elsewhere. "John Doe" is the name the body is given, which is a well known common name for corpse without known identities. "Last visual contact: Los Santos International Airport. Known affiliations: El Rubio" is also attached. Sounds like El Rubio is someone or something we need to watch out for. Might be a gang, could be a someone at the top of a drug ring - who knows at this point, these ten seconds are supposed to be mysterious you know? We just need to wait for some more intel on the project.

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