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Turns Out Hogwarts Is Super Expensive To Attend IRL


Turns Out Hogwarts Is Super Expensive To Attend IRL

Getting that parchment acceptance letter from Hogwarts was a dream for lots of young readers who grew up with the Harry Potter books, and some still say that the magic and excitement of this fictional school hasn't faded. But, how much would it cost to attend Hogwarts if it was real?


Delayed until 2022, Hogwarts Legacy is being developed by Avalanche Studios, which is the same studio behind games like the Disney Infinity trilogy, 25 to Life and the action-adventure platformer series Tak. Quite a range there, yet what we've seen of the game thus far has been impressive. "Expect Hogwarts Legacy to be filled with all kinds of immersive magic, while your student-character will learn spells, brew potions, tame fantastic beasts, select companions to help them fight off deadly enemies," read the statement from the studio. Moreover, players will be subjected to some sort of morality system where their actions will ally them with either the good or evil wizards of the story. As well as this, the open world will allow players to visit Hogsmeade Village and dive into the depths of the Forbidden Forest, which will be absolutely mega. In spite of the hype, the game hasn't escaped unscathed from controversy. Most recently, the lead designer left the project following assertions that they hold "anti-fem" and "pro GG" views.

So, we'll be waiting for Hogwarts Legacy for a little while, but that doesn't mean we aren't able to watch the trailer over and over and over, valiantly committing every Easter egg to our memories.



Hogwarts Legacy is likely to cost somewhere in the £50 to £60 range, as it is a licenced game on its way to last-gen and new-gen consoles. When compared to the estimated cost of attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry if it was real, that is one heck of a bargain. Oxbridge Home Learning has taken up the gauntlet of calculating the expenses of going to Hogwarts, and let me tell you now, it's rather steep. The team used the monetary values described in the books for things like uniforms, books and equipment in Knuts, Sickles and Galleons, converted them into pounds and adjusted for inflation. Harry Potter starts his first year in 1991 and graduates in 1998, though the films don't represent the world as it was in that decade.

For uniforms, you're looking at £505.17 for three work robes, a winter cloak, a pointed hat, dress robes and dragon hide gloves. All of the books required across the seven years of study amount to £938.90, but there is an option to find these texts in the library. A wand, cauldron, broom, scales and more are more rare, so it makes sense that expenses for equipment will rack up quickly. Altogether, it's about £1,683.15 - if you also opt for a snowy owl like Harry Potter did. If you choose a toad, I'm sure you could just go out to your local park and scoop one out of the water for a bargain (this is a joke, please do not do that).

And, accounting for over half of all costs are the trips to and from Hogwarts on the Hogwarts Express. If the average student takes two trips home and back again a year, then this works out to be £3,637.20. Personally, I'm appalled. You could get a whole car for that money. Like, don't they have any sort of student discount or something like that? If you're wincing while waiting to hear how much the tuition costs, then exhale a sigh of relief. Tuition is free at Hogwarts as the Ministry of Magic subsidises its day-to-day costs. Well, phew. The final total comes to £7,336.92 for the seven years. Honestly, that's not a patch on the costs of some real boarding schools in the United Kingdom so I'd suggest locking in your attendance now before they add a laundry service or tiered WiFi subscriptions.

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