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Hideo Kojima Wants To Make A Game World "That Changes In Real-Time"

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Hideo Kojima Wants To Make A Game World "That Changes In Real-Time"

Hideo Kojima is undoubtedly one of the best-known directors in the gaming world. He's eccentric, a bit weird, and has made some questionable direction choices in the past, but there really is no denying that he changes the sphere of gaming wherever he goes.


Only he could come up with a concept about being a walking postman in a messy disconnected world and make it into one of the biggest games of the last few years. Now he's dreaming of another intriguing premise, one based on real-time, real-life changes.

SiliconEra spotted a Kojima interview in Japanese Magazine Anan and apparently, he wants to make games that "change in real-time", whatever that might mean. The quote that the original report picks up says: "I want to create a game that changes in real-time. Even though there are people of different ages and trades playing the same game, they are playing it in the same way.

Here is the trailer for Kojima's latest work, Death Stranding...



"Instead, I want the game to change based on where that person lives, and that person's unique perspective ... Because you would defeat vampires using the light from the sun, [Boktai - a Game Boy Advance title he worked on] would change based on where and when you played the game. That kind of feature connects man-made systems to real-life."

Now that sounds interesting, doesn't it? Though, I do have to say that it reminds me of the capabilities of games like Pokémon Go or the new AR Witcher game that takes your geographical location into consideration. What would be potentially different, however, is if this Kojima project appears on console or PC. At that point, no one could really move from the situation their home puts them in in-game, and everyone's relationship to the game would be different. And what if in the middle of your playthrough, you move to a new city or even country? How would that affect things?


Who knows - it's Kojima. There's always going to be some room for general weirdness within his work. We'll wait and see if he works something out.

Featured Image Credit: Kojima Productions

Topics: Death Stranding, PlayStation

Imogen Mellor
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