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'Hogwarts Legacy' Features In New PlayStation 5 Trailer


'Hogwarts Legacy' Features In New PlayStation 5 Trailer

At this point, we're sort of just excited to get back to Hogwarts you know? Many of us grew up with the dream of being able to attend classes, go into epic battles, and exist in the realm of witches and wizards in the world of Harry Potter, but some of us never got our letter of acceptance. Bummer. Well, we might be a little too old to go back to school in real life now, but we are looking forward to going back to Hogwarts in the upcoming magical RPG Hogwarts Legacy.


There hasn't been much news about the game in recent months, it's all be a bit quiet so we're excited to see it back on the radar with a new PlayStation 5 advert. The clips of the game are short and nothing especially unusual in what they contain, but it's a good reminder that the game is aiming for PlayStation 5s at the very least. It means that when we do finally get our hands on it, we're definitely expecting it to be optimised for the PS5 which is a nice reassurance.

Here's what we've seen of Hogwarts Legacy so far...



As previously mentioned, it's all be a little quiet on the Hogwarts Legacy front since there was some controversy surrounding one of the designers working on the project. Troy Leavitt operated a YouTube channel with videos promoting "anti-feminist" and "pro GG" viewpoints. As it was revealed by journalist Liam Robertson, internet forum Reset-Era decided to prevent discussions about the game on the website in protest. Shortly following this, Leavitt left the studio working on the game, Avalanche.


Since then, there have been details noticed about old trailers and speculation at how dark the game will allow players to go. I mean come on, who doesn't want to test out being a Slytherin for a day, right? We're looking forward to hearing more closer to a release date but who knows, perhaps at the next PlayStation 5 showcase, we'll be able to hear more.

Featured Image Credit: Avalanche

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Imogen Mellor
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