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'Resident Evil Village' Campaign Length Confirmed, And It's The Perfect Size

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'Resident Evil Village' Campaign Length Confirmed, And It's The Perfect Size

Resident Evil Village is just around the corner. We've been waiting a while to meet the horrifying cast of the 8th mainline game in the series, and now it's barely a matter of hours until we all get to be terrified by the one and only Lady D. Perhaps there are some of you that want to put some time aside to play Village, but how much time will you need? Well, according to our own playthrough and one from PSU, we've got a good estimate for how long the campaign is going to take you - and though it might sound short, we think it's the perfect length.


Your first time playthrough of Resident Evil Village should take about 8-12 hours depending on how speedy you are. If you're interested in seeing all there is to see in the game, or you're not too good at the combat it might take 12 hours or over, but if you're a pro and you just want to reveal the mysteries of the Village as soon as possible, 8 hours seems like a good estimate.

Watch our review below to hear what we think about the latest addition to the Resident Evil family:



Of course, there are always replays and challenges you can pursue once the game has been beaten for the first time. You can probably expect a slightly different playtime length, but if you're just going in for the vanilla experience then 10 hours is about where it's at.

Our very own Mark Foster reviewed the game (and rather enjoyed it if you want to read our Resident Evil Village review) and 10 hours was about the length he found it to take. Mark found that although 10 hours was how long it took to play the original campaign the first time, he kept going back in to play more and more whenever he had the chance. This included the unlockable Mercenaries mode and finding collectables here and there, so it seems likely that others will get a dozen or more extra hours out of reliving the experience again and again.

If you're interested in seeing all the spooks Resident Evil Village has to offer, you don't have to wait much longer until the game is out on May 7 2021, on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

Featured Image Credit: Capcom

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