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'I Am Jesus Christ' Gameplay Features Iconic Miracles And Exorcism Boss Fights


'I Am Jesus Christ' Gameplay Features Iconic Miracles And Exorcism Boss Fights

In a new gameplay update, developers SimulaM have revealed that their religious action-adventure game I Am Jesus Christ will feature minigames like exorcising demons from your followers.


Originally announced one year ago, the game has been undergoing development to bring the events and the locations of the New Testament to a new audience. "Creating new ways to teach people formational Christian behavior using emerging technology is essential to the future flourishing of the church," said the Rev. Dr. Christopher J. Benek in an interview with The Christian Post. "Personally, I would very much like to see more virtue-based iterations in the tech community. I am glad to see that there are developers with religious inklings willing to brave into this rapidly expanding technological territory."

Well, when you put it like that, it all tallies up. SimulaM promises that the teachings of the Gospel will be told "uniquely and engagingly" in I Am Jesus Christ, and that the game offers "brand new concepts [to] work in conjunction with timeless tales." From his baptism to his resurrection, the story will be 10 hours long approximately, and let players "perform over 30 iconic miracles from the feeding of the 5,000 and healing lepers to the calming of the sea and giving sight to the blind." As well as restoring health to those afflicted and promising peace to the world, Jesus conducted numerous exorcisms, and I Am Jesus Christ will include these as mini boss battles.



Yes, mini boss battles. In the developer's most recent devlog to fans, they cover the recreation of the Sea of Galilee, the new map with nearby quests, Jesus' abilities, and how to perform a handful of these miracles. For example, the player may release a dove into the sky, and the creature will fly towards the next quest. And, healing an ill person has the player directing "Holy Molecules" towards the infection, stacking these molecules for greater power. The boss battles will use Jesus' elemental powers (fire, water, wind, and ground) to best the nefarious force hiding within his flock.

In the short clip, the character is cowering in fear and clasping his head. Jesus performs the miracle, to remove the evil from this person's body, and the demon flies into the air. It flits from corner to corner, dealing out damage with a fairly large pool of health, while Jesus fires bolts of elemental energy to whittle it down into submission. It's unclear whether demons will be weaker to different attacks, adding a modicum of strategy into the battle, but the boss battle theme is a banger.

This addition has been a triumph with the community, who are enjoying how the game is looking over the course of its development. One fan has a suggestion for multiple possible endings to I Am Jesus Christ. "Could easily get behind an optional "good" ending where God rescues Jesus on the cross and they just machine gun the sh*t out of the Romans," they said. Is it blasphemous? Maybe.

Featured Image Credit: SimulaM

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