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Tekken Character Straight Up Murders Smash Roster In Nintendo Direct


Tekken Character Straight Up Murders Smash Roster In Nintendo Direct

Kazuya Mishima from the hit fighting game series Tekken is coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The E3 Nintendo Direct revealed the new addition to the game with its usual hilarious trailer - but this time Kazuya straight up murders some members of the Smash roster.


The Legend of Zelda's Ganon is the first victim, as Kazuya solemnly carries him to the edge of a volcano to be disposed of, and then characters from Arms to Kid Icarus are slowly defeated and come to meet their end at the cliff edge, too. There is, however, one member of the Smash family that manages to survive...

Watch the reveal trailer for Kazuya here...



That's right, Kirby. The piece of bubblegum with a face, is the only character that can survive the wrath of Kazuya, and that's completely canon now, I'm sure. Kazuya starts as the protagonist of the series in the original Tekken but quickly becomes an antagonist in Tekken 2, which you obviously see with his devilish appearance as he completes murdering his Smash friends.

The volcano drop is an old favourite of the Mishima family, who can't seem to get enough of casting their loved-ones into a fiery lake of lava after beating them to death. The first time this happened was in Tekken 2, where Kazuya himself was cast into a pit by his own father, Heihachi Mishima, shortly before he escaped on a helicopter whilst clinging to a rope ladder and smirking at the camera. Just normal Tekken stuff, then.

Nintendo and the Smash games, of course, have a long history of bringing franchises together in one melting pot. With Super Smash Bros. Ultimate we've seen Joker from Persona 5, Sephiroth from Final Fantasy 7, Steven and Alex from Minecraft and many others. More fighters are yet to come to the 82-strong cast in the future.

Featured Image Credit: Nintendo / Bandai Namco

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Imogen Mellor
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