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Fans Think Studio Is Teasing A New Metal Gear Solid Game

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Fans Think Studio Is Teasing A New Metal Gear Solid Game

Metal Gear Solid mavens are in a tizzy after the developer of Abandoned appeared to post a blurry screenshot of a person wearing an eyepatch, stoking the embers of a remake or revival.


Thinking that it's Snake purely because this face looks like they've got an eyepatch on isn't a very solid theory. Excuse the pun. There are an enormous number of video game characters who wear one, like Goro Majima from Yakuza, Demoman from Team Fortress 2, General Knoxx from Borderlands, Grigori Weaver from Call Of Duty, Caroline and Justine from Persona 5...

However, Abandoned has been mired in mystery since its arrival on the scene. Developer Blue Box Game Studios is the subject of a conspiracy that claims it is actually working on a new entry to the dormant Silent Hill series. Some of the guesswork has merit, like the fact that Hideo Kojima has used false studios to guarantee that new games are kept under lock and key until they are ready to be revealed. Other statements, like how "Hideo" and "Kahraman" (the surname of the founder of Blue Box Game Studios) both mean "hero" in their respective languages, are not it. You do know that names can have similar meanings across cultures, right?

Check out this remake of one of the most iconic scenes in gaming, from a fan project of Metal Gear Solid 3. Seriously, this is not something to miss if you're even a little curious about how the classic could be revived with contemporary technology.



So, the prevailing thinking is that this teaser for the Abandoned: Real Time Experience application is hiding a picture of Solid Snake. Fans are attempting to work out who it is and what the text that follows along the face's browline says, to no avail. One person thinks that the text says "Welcome to Silent Hill," another is certain it's written in Russian, and the rest are literally frothing at the mouth to learn more about the game.

I know there are rumours of a Metal Gear Solid renaissance, but consider this strange image and combine it with the fact that Hasan Kahraman, founder of Blue Box Game Studios, is appearing on a podcast for an interview. Innocuous enough? Try this on for size: Konami and Bloober Team are sponsoring this episode of the AL-HUB podcast.


Konami and Bloober Team recently revealed their partnership and the developer is over the moon with the opportunities that this will bring. "The fact that such a renowned company as Konami has decided to strategically cooperate with the Bloober Team means that we [have] also joined the world leaders in gaming and become an equal partner for the leading players in this market," said CEO Piotr Babieno.

Well, the mystery of Abandoned continues. We'll let you know when we learn more about one of the hottest games of 2021.

Featured Image Credit: Blue Box Game Studios, Konami

Topics: Konami, News, Metal Gear Solid

Imogen Donovan
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