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'Left 4 Dead 2' Has Crossed Over With 'Fall Guys' And It's A Nightmare

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'Left 4 Dead 2' Has Crossed Over With 'Fall Guys' And It's A Nightmare

If the last few weeks have taught us anything, it's that the seemingly innocent jellybean avatars of Fall Guys are not to be trusted. Despite the popular battle royale's bright and breezy appearance, there's something truly evil hiding inside every bean. Something that wants to get out.


If you haven't already taken a look at what that something is, you can head here. After that you might want to rinse your eyes out with bleach. After that, you'll want to come back here and steel yourself for further bean-related horror.

Twitter user Loudwindow recently shared a few videos of a frankly alarming number of mods running the classic multiplayer horror shooter Left 4 Dead 2. While I would humbly suggest that the Minecraft pickaxe and Apex Legends characters are a little bit much, I think replacing the zombies with Fall Guys jellybeans is an inspired move. Given what we now know about their monstrous innards, I'm perfectly prepared to believe they'd sit in a dark room and lunge hungrily at humans en masse in between adorable obstacle courses.


Grim, right? I'm particularly not a fan of the fact they still make those bouncy little screams that they make in Fall Guys, especially not after Mediatonic's senior concept artist Tudor Morris posted on Instagram last week his take on what actually lives within a Fall Guy.

"Sometimes I like to ruin nice things, and seeing as I'm working on Fall Guys, and I love me some speculative anatomy, I thought I'd post some artwork up for you all," Morris wrote on his Instagram post. "You have options for how you interpret this, but I refuse to comment to elaborate."


"This is a canonical representation of what's inside a fall guy, we knew from the start that they weren't as marketable like this so we gave them nice little cuddly suits," Morris stressed. "The important thing to bear in mind is that, whatever the interpretation you take away, they are very happy little beans."


It's settled. I'd take an army of zombies over just one Fall Guy any day - no contest.

Featured Image Credit: Valve/Mediatonic

Topics: Fall Guys, Valve, Mediatonic

Ewan Moore
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