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Live-Action Marvel Zombies On The Way, Says Civil War Writer


Live-Action Marvel Zombies On The Way, Says Civil War Writer

The idea of Marvel Zombies is nothing new, but the horrific concept recently found a whole new audience when last week's episode of What If...? exposed the heroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to a virus that turned them into undead monsters that caused them to rip and tear their way through the world.


It was, I must admit, pretty unsettling to see a cavalcade of decaying cadavers resembling our favourite heroes slowly pick off the few remaining heroes. It certainly went further than I ever expected a Disney-produced Marvel series to go. It wasn't gory, obviously, but I'm not sure it was exactly family friendly either.


Of course if you thought What If... Zombies?!? was bad, you should probably check out the original Robert Kirkman-created Marvel Zombies. Some of the things that book managed to get away with still blows me away. Heck, it's such a risky concept that I never expected to see it adapted at all, but it turns out the zombies of the MCU might return for live-action adventure.


To be clear, we've heard nothing from Marvel about a live-action Zombies, but comic book scribe Mark Millar has hinted that something is definitely in the works. Millar used to work at Marvel and penned a number of key titles, including the original Civil War. In other words, it's certainly safe to assume he still knows people at the company.

"If my sources are correct, a little live-action Marvel Zombies further down the line... but you never heard that from me," Millar wrote in a recent newsletter.

I can't imagine for a second that Marvel and Disney would be planning an entire live-action movie dedicated to Marvel Zombies. My best guess is that Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness will feature a few scenes in which the titular sorcerer is unlucky enough to have found himself in an alternate universe where the likes of Captain America and Iron Man want to eat his brains. We'll just have to wait and see.

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