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Looks Like A 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' Horror Game Is In Development


Looks Like A 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' Horror Game Is In Development

It looks as if Gun Media, the publisher behind the underrated and ill-fated Friday The 13th multiplayer horror game, is working on a new licensed adaptation of another horror classic: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.


As spotted on Reddit, heading to the URL "http://leatherfacethegame.com" redirects to Gun Media's website. Leatherface is, of course, the human skin-wearing antagonist of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, which strongly implies that Gun is working on a new horror game based on the classic 1974 slasher movie.


It's been rumoured for some time that Gun Media is working on a new horror game, although previous clues pointed towards it being an adaptation of John Carpenter's Halloween. Gun Media president Wes Keltner dropped a series of cryptic tweets at the start of this year, including one aimed at Blumhouse CEO Jason Blum and Ryan Turek, who produced 2018's Halloween sequel/reboot. This was enough to convince fans a Halloween game was in development.


Kane Hodder, who played Jason Voorhees in four Friday The 13th movies has also teased that he's back doing motion capture work for Gun Media. Hodder reprised his role as Voorhees in the Friday The 13th video game for the publisher, so it wouldn't be too outrageous to consider he's come back to play another horror icon.

"I did the motion capture for Jason in the video game, and I'm currently doing a new video game, another horror franchise, that I can't talk about yet but you'll see, eventually," Hodder told Slash 'N Cast. Whether that's as Leatherface or Halloween's Mike Myers remains to be seen, although this recently discovered URL would certainly suggest the former.

Whatever franchise (or franchises) Gun Media ends up taking on, it's likely to be another asymmetrical multiplayer horror in the style of Friday The 13th.

Featured Image Credit: Gun Media

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