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Marvel Reportedly Planning Daredevil Disney Plus Reboot With Netflix Actors


Marvel Reportedly Planning Daredevil Disney Plus Reboot With Netflix Actors

You know that bit in Avengers Endgame where Black Widow tells Hawkeye that there's a chance that the team could bring everyone back? And Clint looks at her and says: "Don't give me hope"? Yeah, that's how I feel when writing about the rumour that there could be a return of Daredevil on Disney+.


Daniel Ritchman, via Knight Edge Media, has revealed a rumour that Marvel is currently considering a return to Daredevil for Disney+. The entertainment company is considering bringing back the cast from the show as well as some of the names from the wider Defenders universe like Jessica Jones, to star in a soft reboot of the series.

While we're waiting for news about Daredevil, we can look forward to Spider-Man: No Way Home...



This means that the Netflix series' will not be canon, and the origins and situations of the characters will be different though portrayed by the same team. And that, to me personally, sounds perfect. I would love to see Charlie Cox play Daredevil again, and Krysten Ritter return as Jessica Jones. Not to mention that there would then be potential for some of the Defenders bad guys to return too, like David Tennant as Killgrave or Jon Bernthal as The Punisher.

The casting for the Netflix series was impeccable. Truly it was something special which is why fans have been begging for Marvel to take the actors into the MCU however it can. And we already know that Charlie Cox would be keen on returning, as in a recent interview he spoke about how he couldn't imagine anyone performing as Jones and The Punisher other than Ritter and Bernthal.

Well, I have to pump the brakes here and remind everyone that is merely a rumour, and nothing solid. I know I'd love to see these actors return but of course, that's not something we can control, it's for Disney to decide. And Disney, if you're reading this, pretty please with sprinkles on top bring Daredevil back.

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