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'Mass Effect: Legendary Edition' Changes The Race Of A Long-Debated Character


'Mass Effect: Legendary Edition' Changes The Race Of A Long-Debated Character

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition addresses a lot of the inconsistencies in the original trilogy of sci-fi shooters, including this villain who is now a different race that makes more sense with the overarching story.


Termed the "worst kept secret in the video game industry," the remasters of Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 launched last Friday, and at the moment, the first one is the highest rated game of 2021 (in terms of critical reviews). What a world. BioWare intended to elevate the original games with "super-sharp resolution, faster frame rates, and beautiful visual enhancements" as well as "forward compatibility and targeted enhancements" for the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. I played two hours of each of the newer versions of the games, and certainly, those things have happened. However, not all of the changes are positive and the atmosphere of the first one has evaporated in favour of fidelity.

Still, it's a matter of personal preference and the gameplay adjustments are good; for example, sniper rifles are actually worth a shot this time round. Yes, that was on purpose. Make your own mind up with our comparison video below.



The developer has also adjusted how events pan out in the games, albeit these tweaks are very minor, like a character rubbing their hand over their leg to indicate their injury. However, the change to this character couldn't go under the radar. Elanos Haliat is a pirate in the Terminus Systems and is notorious for inciting the Skyllian Blitz, an attack on humanity's oldest colony in the Milky Way. Haliat's name refers to two turian weapons manufacturers and he expresses disdain for "Shepard's kind."

In the original Mass Effect, Haliat is human. Which causes a lot of confusion considering his key role in events like the Skyllian Blitz and the fact that he wants to be the one to kill the first human Spectre. It had always been thought that his appearance as a human was a bug that had never been squished by BioWare. Now, in the Legendary Edition, Haliat is a turian and his recorded lines have been modified to sound like an alien. "This is such a small but welcome change in ME:LE," said DocD173 on Reddit. "Was not expecting these side missions to get this kind of love."

Featured Image Credit: BioWare

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Imogen Donovan
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