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'Mass Effect: Legendary Edition' Has Changed Tali'Zorah's Face

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'Mass Effect: Legendary Edition' Has Changed Tali'Zorah's Face

As picked up by Kotaku, Mass Effect character Tali'Zorah nar Rayya - a Quarian who joins forces with the game's Commander Shepard and his squad in the original Mass Effect, and also appears in games two and three (subject to your ending of Mass Effect 2) - has had a bit of a makeover for the release of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition.


The newly released remaster of the original Mass Effect trilogy - the games dating from 2007, 2010 and 2012 respectively - has been a hit with fans old and new alike, and adds a variety of upgrades and refinements to the games as we previously played them - you can find a little guide to what's changed (for better or worse) on GAMINGbible, right here.

Check out our comparison video, putting Mass Effect: Legendary Edition side by side with the original release...



The actual character model of Tali doesn't appear all that different - a little crisper, sharper, you know, the usual remaster tweaks. It's her appearance in another part of the game where this change has been made - and it's a part of the game that requires your Shepard to get romantic with his or her alien companion.

As Kotaku explains, players can find a picture of Tali, unmasked, in Shepard's quarters in Mass Effect 3 - if the protagonist engaged romantically with her, during the events of Mass Effect 2. As the video below (watch on YouTube) shows, at around the minute mark, the photo is no longer a very-human character (indeed, just a stock image from Getty), but absolutely, unquestionably a Quarian. Well... more of a Quarian than this.


A nomadic race, the Quarians are the creators of the Geth, a mechanical race that serves as a major antagonist throughout the Mass Effect trilogy. Although one friendly Geth unit, Legion, can be added to Shepard's squad. If you're playing this series for the first time, get ready for some serious Quarian-Geth conflict in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition.

In related Mass Effect news, fans are a little peeved at an incredibly insignificant Legendary Edition bug right now, because sure, why not; and it's worth noting that the release may have a few advantages on Xbox Series X, over other platforms.

Featured Image Credit: EA/BioWare

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Mike Diver
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