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Massive 'Skyrim' Expansion Adds 132 Nightmarish New Monsters And 35 New Areas

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Massive 'Skyrim' Expansion Adds 132 Nightmarish New Monsters And 35 New Areas

I've said it before and I'll say it again - I love mods. Mods and their creators give games a boost beyond their regular lifespan and if there is any game that has lived beyond its natural lifespan, it's Skyrim. Though the game is almost ten years old, it continues to be one of the most popular RPGs on the market, and it's partly down to the work of modders.


As reported by the Dark Side of Gaming, there is now a huge mod for those of you that want to encounter and fight off all-new creatures. The "High Fantasy Pack- Mihail Monsters and Animals" by Mihail adds a huge rand of new highly detailed and impressive ghouls to battle. From Goblins to Minotaurs, this thing has you covered so you're not coming across the same draugr, wolves, and giants every fifteen minutes.

Here are some of our favourite Skyrim wins and fails...



The pack contains, 132 creatures, 22 weapons, 11 spells, 41 new ingredients and a massive 35 new areas. That's a lot of new content to explore and it all breathes a breath of fresh air into Skryim. The pack is of course inspired by The Elder Scrolls, but also includes monsters from other lore like Dungeons and Dragons.

You can check out the pack and even download if you like on Nexus Mods, however, it should be noted that this currently only works for Legacy Edition versions of Skyrim, with a Special Edition update coming later down the line.

Of course, you might already be waiting for an official Bethesda update to Skyrim. As I've already mentioned, the game is turning ten later this year and that means that Bethesda thought it was a good time to update the content to give a little bit of a dust off with Skyrim Anniversary Edition. Fishing is being added to the experience as well as a bunch of new "Creation Club content". We can't wait for its release on November 11.

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