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Microsoft Could Be About To Make Another Huge Acquisition


Microsoft Could Be About To Make Another Huge Acquisition

Microsoft's $7.5 billion acquisition of ZeniMax Media - and with it, developers and publishers Bethesda - in 2020 sure turned heads and got players arguing over whether or not such a move was a good thing for gaming. As it stands, we know that Bethesda's upcoming, spacefaring RPG Starfield will be an Xbox console exclusive, which has inevitably cheesed off some PlayStation owners; but the stylish new shooter Deathloop (our review, here) has launched initially as a PlayStation 5 exclusive, with an Xbox release to follow in 2022. Teething problems, then, abound - but it should all settle in time for the release of The Elder Scrolls VI and another huge argument about how unfair its Xbox exclusivity is, or isn't.


Ever since the ZeniMax deal, players and business-minded people alike have been wondering: so, what next? There was wild talk of Xbox buying SEGA a while back, which came to nothing (not sure how I feel about that one, but it sure would help Xbox's appeal in Japan). But now the rumours are starting up again, as word reaches us that there's a new acquisition on the horizon. And it's a big one.

The next big exclusive game on Xbox radars is surely Forza Horizon 5 - check it out in action, below...



As reported on Gamerant, it seems like Microsoft is preparing a "Bethesda-level" acquisition, based on what some folk have heard regarding lawyer involvement and comments on monopoly laws. On a reddit post, details on this rumoured acquisition include a YouTuber called SkullZi saying: "I am hearing some CRAZY RUMOURS regarding another huge potential Microsoft acquisition. I don't want to say any specifics as I don't even know if all this is true yet, but damn. I predict a lot of internet lawyers debating monopoly laws at some point in the near future." He then added that there'll be fake leaks coming, and to only believe official sources. I mean, d'uh. (Wait, are we the "clickbait"? LOL.)

SkullZi's YouTube channel features several uploads relating to leaks around Bethesda and Fallout, and also franchises like Grand Theft Auto and Halo, so this is their area of, um, expertise, I guess. Exactly how much hot air they're spouting remains to be seen, but it wouldn't be a huge surprise if Microsoft followed its ZeniMax deal with another high-profile acquisition - whether that's one that involves another traditional AAA-level developer and publisher, or an agreement that moves their business into a new space, perhaps taking them into a stronger position in the mobile gaming market.


Several other known leakers and members of the games media, including The Verge's Microsoft specialist Tom Warren, appear to be hinting that something's coming. Cookie Monster, Tom, whatever could that mean. Hmm, blue... What gaming giant is most associated with blue? Ah dang, we're back to SEGA again, aren't we? NGL, if that means we get a sick Xbox Series X in SEGA blue, I am all in for it.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft, Xbox Game Studios, Stonks Incorporated

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Mike Diver
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