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Modders Are Creating A Star Wars Game In ‘Fallout: New Vegas’


Modders Are Creating A Star Wars Game In ‘Fallout: New Vegas’

Star Wars Open Worlds is a mod for Fallout: New Vegas that transports the player into a galaxy far, far away, and offers an "engaging choice-driven story" for fans of both.


Impressively enough, it's the product of a tiny team of modders, and allows players to select one of four different paths when they start out: Darkside, Lightside, Gray, and Sandbox. After they are abducted by slavers, their character links up with a ragtag group of captives planning their escape, and this all takes place against the backdrop of a newly-formed Galactic Empire. To be honest, the premise sounds more interesting than the usual Star Wars story, something a little more like Rogue One or The Mandalorian. You know, not the glimmering glamour of Cloud City, but the grimy grittiness of the lives of people who weren't born with the "Skywalker" surname.

"The path you choose will influence the direction of the story, the conclusion, and which companions are available to you," explain the modders. "The player will be able to design their character at the start of the game using an in-depth customization system. Choose your species, name, and various facial features to create a character unique to you. Because this is an RPG game, the player will also be able to choose various skills to upgrade and unlock as they progress."


Twelve planets are available to explore, featuring "breathtakingly unique environments, stories, and characters." Players will enjoy a range of weapons and gadgets lifted from the series, as well as skill systems and shiny new crafting mechanics. Waste not want not, after all, and if you're eking out an existence on the fringes of the galaxy and evading your angry captors, you'll be needing every piece of junk at your disposal. It's also advised to keep in mind that there are factions who will react differently to you depending on your actions, if you're wanting to keep a low profile.

And last but not least, for those hankering after, a fully fledged Mandalorian RPG-style experience, Star Wars Open Worlds offers a slice of that potential with its bounty hunting contracts and prolific side quests. The mod is still a work in progress, so if this is already ticking all of the boxes for you, then there's still so much to look forward to.

Featured Image Credit: krispykarim517

Topics: News, Fallout

Imogen Donovan
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