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Multiple Silent Hill Games Are In Development, New Rumour Claims

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Multiple Silent Hill Games Are In Development, New Rumour Claims

It's been a rough several years for the Konami-owned Silent Hill franchise, it has to be said. The last official game in the series, Silent Hill: Book of Memories was released in 2012 and was absolutely bloody awful. Then there was Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro's now-infamous attempt to revive the franchise with 2014's P.T. demo, which was supposed to lead into a brand-new game called Silent Hills.


As I'm sure you remember, that didn't quite go according to plan. A very nasty, very public falling out between Kojima and Konami led to the cancellation of Silent Hills, not to mention Konami's Orwellian attempt to erase P.T. from existence. That was six years ago. Aside from the occasional pachinko machine, we haven't heard a peep from Silent Hill. Most of us, I think, assumed it was done for good.

However, it turns out Silent Hill might not be as dead as we first thought. We're headed into heavy rumour territory, so take this with a pinch of salt... but two separate sources are claiming that Konami has not one, but two Silent Hill games in development right now.

The first report comes from AestheticGamer on Twitter, who's accurately leaked a fair bit of Resident Evil news in the past. He admitted that he's not massively familiar with the goings-on at Konami, but he's suggested that the company is planning a soft-reboot of the franchise, as well as a Telltale/Until Dawn-style spinoff. See what AestheticGamer had to say below.


AestheticGamer added that there's a "high chance" that one or both of these titles might be revealed this year, but he isn't entirely sure about that. What makes these claims especially interesting, however, is that they were subsequently backed up by another, separate source.


RelyOnHorror claims to have heard from its own independent source that at least one Silent Hill game is currently in development at Konami. They noted that "these two sources are (in our opinion) the strongest evidence yet that Silent Hill may really be back from the dead".

Whether or not these reports come to anything remains to be seen, but I'd temper your expectations for now. I'd love to see a new Silent Hill game, obviously, but would Konami? I'm sceptical. Join me in my scepticism to avoid disappointment.

We do know that Masahiro Ito, one of the chief creative forces behind Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3, recently started work on a new game. There's absolutely nothing to suggest that game could be with Konami, and less still to suggest that it's a new Silent Hill. But maybe, just maybe, the stars are starting to align.

Featured Image Credit: Konami

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Ewan Moore
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