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T-Pain Just Dropped An Animal Crossing Rap, And It Slaps

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T-Pain Just Dropped An Animal Crossing Rap, And It Slaps

T-Pain released a new song over the weekend - but it's not exactly the kind of fare you'd usually associate with the rapper. Titled 'Nooks Bells', his new one's all about Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and features producer Jayteehazard and streamer Cardboard Cowboy.


In the animated music video, T-Pains struts his stuff on the island, singing from the perspective of Tom Nook. The poor villager, portrayed by Cardboard Cowboy, is subject to numerous torments from Nook over the course of the song. His Bells, hard-earned from shaking trees, disappear from his hands, while T-Pain warns, "them bells ain't gonna earn themselves". It's a bit bizarre, but pretty par for the course from the 'Buy U A Drank' singer. I especially enjoy the lyric, "Keep playin' with me, I'll have you swimmin' with c-plusses."

If you didn't know already, T-Pain loves Animal Crossing: New Horizons. He and his wife Amber Najm play together, and he even invited players to a house warming on her new island earlier this year. Though he wasn't totally on board with the game's slow start, he's now got a small studio in his house, decorated with a Bell Bag rug (of course).


It was actually his daughter who encouraged him to pick up the sweet social sim. "I try to play everything that she plays so I can try to stay in touch with what she has going on," he told The Washington Post in an interview and island tour. "You know, just keeping up with the kids. Three in the family [play Animal Crossing] right now, but it's only just started. It's gonna expand throughout the house at some point."

T-Pain's presence on Twitch is well-established, too, streaming games like Fall Guys, Call of Duty: Warzone, Among Us, and Ghost of Tsushima. A good range there.


He also schedules in a stream on Monday nights where he mixes music live on air, which he generously gives away for streamers to use for their own channels. "Any one y'all want to use on your streams, you've got my mother f**** blessing," he proclaimed. "This is gonna be fire for everybody."

In April, T-Pain released the single 'Wake Up Dead' with Chris Brown, and now with the release of 'Nooks Bells', these may mark another album from the singer. His latest album, 1UP, was released last year, and has laid the foundations for a gaming-inspired album. "I'm an avid gamer. I've been a gamer pretty much all my life," he said to Apple Music 1. "So I'm starting to implement gaming into my music and to my themes and stuff like that."

I'm holding out hope for a song from the perspective of Mario travelling across the Super Mario 3D All-Stars games. Bet that would be a banger.

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