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'District 9' Director Wants To Make A GTA-Style Open-World Game


'District 9' Director Wants To Make A GTA-Style Open-World Game

Though District 9 director Neill Blomkamp is already hard at work on an online shooter title, he's dreaming of the future of his gaming career. The director recently joined the studio Gunzilla Games as the chief visionary officer and has already set his sights on one day working on a Grand Theft Auto-like game.


As reported by ScreenRant, the director has officially entered the game scene. Though his work has primarily been in the film world, he's now using his artistic talents to help bring an online shooter to life with Gunzilla Games. Once that's done, and his focus can be turned in a new direction, Blomkamp is interested in making an "immersive sandbox" where players can experience a whole world that the team creates. Sounds a little like GTA right?

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The original report shares a quote from the director. When asked about future gaming prospects he says: "Everything right now is based on getting [the multiplayer shooter] right. But the way that I think of it is I haven't just joined for the game, I've joined for a longer period of time on the game. I've joined the company, so who knows what the future holds. But I know that I'm personally extremely interested in an immersive sandbox kind of environment down the line, where you can build a whole world and let the user experience it. I love that idea."

Don't worry though, the director isn't leaving the film world behind. In fact, he recently mentioned that the District 9 sequel, District 10, was being written. We guess it will follow the events of District 9's Christopher and his promise to return to earth. Will he come in peace or did humanity go too far for him to forgive us? Who knows but we're excited to find out.

Featured Image Credit: Sony / Rockstar

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