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An ‘Apex Legends' TV Show Could Be Coming To Netflix


An ‘Apex Legends' TV Show Could Be Coming To Netflix

Apex Legends, the massively successful battle royale from Respawn Entertainment, might be adapted into a show on Netflix.


To be honest, Apex Legends would be ideally suited to an adaptation because the story is presented in cinematic shorts that precede each new season. These "Stories from the Outlands" introduce the new Legends and build up the world within which the illustrious Apex Games takes place. The most recent one explained the backstory of Season 9's character, Valkyrie, and saw her hold her own against the villainous Blisk. Easily, the most exciting one in my opinion was the interview with James "The Forge" McCormick, sponsored by none other than Hammond Robotics.

If those names are ringing a few bells, it's because Apex Legends occurs in the same universe as Respawn Entertainment's beloved first-person shooter series, Titanfall. Of course, the developer has shifted its focus from the journey of Jack Cooper to dropping a bunch of trigger-happy heroes in an arena, and a TV adaptation of the battle royale might fill in the blanks for fans who want a third Titanfall.

We're loving how Valkyrie's airborne abilities have switched things up the battlefield in Apex Legends. Check out the explosive gameplay below.



Not only do players get a glimpse into the characters' motivations through these shorts, there's also a series of comic books and the art and lore book titled Pathfinder's Quest. So, long story short - a lot of material is out in the wild to draw upon for a possible TV show. In a recent AMA, Respawn Entertainment's director of communications Ryan Rigney answered a curious fan who asked after a Netflix or Amazon adaptation of the game.Replying with a zipper-mouth face, it's evident that something is moving and shaking at Respawn Entertainment if they aren't able to deny it outright.


Netflix has a number of video game adaptations under its belt, like Assassin's Creed, Cyberpunk 2077 and Dragon's Dogma. If it was developed in the same style as the cinematic shorts (because the team at Respawn Entertainment are talented folks), I imagine it would become a popular show among sci-fi lovers and Apex Legends fans. Right now, it's unknown whether this is the team purely pushing the boat out, or if this project is progressing along on its schedule, or if the staff member is just playing with our expectations. We'll let you know when we learn more.

Featured Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment, EA

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Imogen Donovan
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