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Netflix's CGI Resident Evil Series Will Officially Be Canon

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Netflix's CGI Resident Evil Series Will Officially Be Canon

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, the upcoming CGI series from Netflix, will be included as a new entry into the canonical timeline of the video game series.


Last month, Capcom and Netflix announced their creative collaboration which will see the daring duo of Resident Evil 2, Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield, star on the small screen. A CG anime web series, Hiroyuki Kobayashi will be in the role of executive producer. Since Kobayashi has been with the games since the start, and has credits on the anime adaptations of other Capcom properties, fans know the new series is in good hands. Quebico is supervising the animation, with Resident Evil: Vendetta's Kei Miyamoto at the helm, and the show is being produced by TMS Entertainment.

Advertised as a horror series with a sci-fi twist, the teaser trailer took place in a dingy house and a spooky manor, and gave us our first look at our hero and heroine. However, it was very dark in that trailer, so these new screenshots of Leon and Claire are much better-lit and presumably sourced from a moment of respite from the nightmares that will unfold. Leon looks like a member of a '90s boy band, floppy fringe and all, and this is a rather roundabout way of saying he looks like Leon. He's donning a leather jacket, a navy shirt, and a very slight frown, a sign that he's ready for whatever or whoever lurks in the shadows.


In what might be her own room, Claire's face is aglow with the light from a computer screen. Behind her is a map of the world with photos pasted to the sides of it, and I'm sure this is the state of her investigation thus far. Her hair is tied back into a sensible ponytail, though some wisps have escaped to frame her face. Like Leon, she's also wearing a leather jacket, but hers is much cooler. Like, objectively. Funnily enough, when Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness was announced, a cosplayer accused Capcom of copying her for Claire's new look. She even asked her followers for their opinion on the matter, but the tweet was deleted rapidly as it became clear that copying a pose isn't much to go on for a proper case.

"When biohazards run wild, only a pair of veteran zombie slayers can get the job done," read the accompanying caption for the two new screenshots, and it added that Infinite Darkness will be canon. Based on this limited information and our own knowledge of the games, the show might be set in between Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 4. That's the when, but what about the where? That's also up in the air, though we might guess that the setting is on the outskirts of Raccoon City, exploring the empty suburbs and abandoned manors as survivors took off in droves.

The series is slated for 2021, so we'll sit tight for now. The release could coincide with Resident Evil Village, which sees Claire's big brother Chris under scrutiny for a very unheroic action. As a result, Ethan finds himself stranded in a strange hamlet, trying to survive, seeking answers, and evading the creatures that wait in the forest.

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