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New Doctor Who Game Stars David Tennant And Jodie Whittaker

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New Doctor Who Game Stars David Tennant And Jodie Whittaker

A new Doctor Who game is on its way, and it'll feature the actors Jodie Whittaker and David Tennant voicing the Thirteenth Doctor and the Tenth Doctor respectively.

As a first person adventure, it is a "reimagination" of Doctor Who: The Edge Of Time, which was released for virtual reality platforms last year. Picking up the threads of The Edge of Time and offering new gameplay, aliens, and worlds, Doctor Who: The Edge Of Reality will reveal that a "universe-spanning threat" is breaking reality through inexplicable glitches. In this mission to stop reality from unravelling, the player will be accompanied by the Thirteenth Doctor and the Tenth Doctor, voiced by their actors, Jodie Whittaker and David Tennant.

Players will encounter mystifying puzzles and fresh faces to meet and greet, though not all of them will welcome the trio with open arms. "Come face-to-face with classic Doctor Who monsters including the Daleks and Weeping Angels," said the developer on the official website. "Experience the metal-clad terror of the Cybermen and more foes yet to be revealed." Yikes. Personally speaking, the gas mask children are still the scariest monster I've ever seen on Doctor Who. If there's a reality-rupturing level that takes you back to that adventure, and has you running down dark alleys while children call out "Are you my Mummy?", count me out.


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But, I'm also hoping that the game provides some of the silliness of the series, too. The 'Bad Wolf' episode where Jack, Rose, and The Doctor were transported to various futuristic versions of TV shows truly caught me off guard when I was little. How is The Doctor in the Big Brother house? Have I dropped the remote down the side of the sofa and caused some sort of televisual soup? These are all pertinent questions when you are eleven years old.

Anyway... the game is on its way to PC, Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in spring 2021. To keep up to date with Doctor Who: The Edge Of Reality, you can sign up for email alerts for news, updates and exclusive content.Although PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X versions have not been confirmed or dated, the developer assures that the game is built to be compatible with these systems. Ergo, it will be playable on the next generation of consoles through backwards compatibility.

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