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Halo Creator Showcases Brutal Guns That Were Cut From Original Game


Halo Creator Showcases Brutal Guns That Were Cut From Original Game

In any game development process, there are going to be some offcuts - things that don't quite make it to the final release. That doesn't mean that they weren't pretty neat in their own right though. One of the original Halo: Combat Evolved creators has taken to Twitter to show a chunk of content that never made it to the game, including a bunch of guns we wish we had seen.


GameSpot noticed Marcus Lehto showcasing just some of the content that never made it to the original Halo. The co-creator of the Halo universe found a bunch of Covenant weapon prototypes when he was looking through an old PC and decided that it was time for fans to see what could have been present in the original shooter.

Here are the best Halo wins and fails...



The tweet says: "I found these Covenant weapon prototypes in my old 2000 Halo PC build that you might like. c concussion gun. c excavator. c particle beam rifle. c microwave gun. I like the meter cooldown on the concussion gun. The microwave gun would have been hilarious."

The video the creator uploaded shows these guns and how they would fire. The microwave gun, for example, glows a threatening yellow and shimmers while the excavator cleanly blows two test enemies away. The concussion gun does indeed have a meter cooldown on the gun, starting out black and then slowly coming up to red before you can fire a shot once again. It's pretty rad.


When looking at the other test items in the scene, some fans thought they also spotted an early prototype of the Scorpion. However, Marcus tells fans that it was actually a prototype stealth tank that didn't even make it into development for Xbox.

It's nice reminiscing about what could have been in the original Halo: Combat Evolved. Of course, Halo is a classic no matter what, so we can't say the game would have been any better with these guns and the tank but we love getting a glimpse at an alternate universe version of the game.

Featured Image Credit: Bungie

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Imogen Mellor
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