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New Star Wars Game Rumoured To Be Officially Announced This Week

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New Star Wars Game Rumoured To Be Officially Announced This Week

EA Motive's mysterious new game - which we know at the moment as Star Wars: Project Maverick - might be getting an official announcement this week, maybe even as early as tomorrow according to sources.

Gaming journalists such as Jason Schreier and Jeffrey Grubb (thanks GamesRadar) have been hinting at a reveal this week with a catalogue of their movements on Twitter recorded in this Reddit thread.

Following Motive joining social media, Schreier suggested that a new game announcement was imminent, and then when pressed said that it would be a Star Wars game. On the same Motive tweet, Grubb replied with a gif of Top Gun's Maverick character. Take that however you like, but in my humble opinion it's been delivered with all the subtlety of a sledgehammer to the face.


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If you didn't catch the leaks back in March, Project Maverick is the assumed codename for a Star Wars title being worked on by EA's new Motive Studios. It showed up, seemingly accidentally, on the PlayStation Store, with the artwork depicting a small squadron of X-Wing Fighters approaching an Imperial Star Destroyer backdropped by cascading, fiery lava. Maybe this is a fire planet? Maybe it's Mustafar?

Star Wars: Project Maverick / Credit EA Motive
Star Wars: Project Maverick / Credit EA Motive

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A subsequent report by Kotaku suggests that this won't be a big-budget Star Wars game, and is more likely a smaller title. What this means with regards to gameplay is anybody's guess, but my personal feeling is that it could be something in the vein of X-Wing vs TIE Fighter or perhaps even a Rogue Squadron reboot.

What makes this all the more interesting is that Sony recently confirmed that a PlayStation 5 reveal event is also happening this week, on Thursday 4th June - just a couple of days after this game is reported to be unveiled. That, of course, could make this an early look at a PlayStation 5 title, and a Star Wars one at that. Exciting times for fans.

Featured Image Credit: EA Motive

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