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Pokémon Glitch Removes Machamp's Trunks And Yes, You Do See Poké-Butt

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Pokémon Glitch Removes Machamp's Trunks And Yes, You Do See Poké-Butt

There are a lot of things about the wide world of Pokémon that have never made a ton of sense to me. What happens inside a Pokéball? Why are parents letting their ten-year-olds travel the world and battle strangers alone? Where do Kadabra get those spoons?


Like I say, I have many questions that will probably never be answered. But here's one that always really bothered me: what on Earth is going on with Machamp's shorts, and why is he one of the few Pokémon that appears to be wearing clothes? Why is it the likes of Pikachu and Charizard are forced to run around naked as the day they were born, while Machamp receives special treatment and a means to cover its modesty?

Take a look at our rundown of how Twitch Plays Pokémon became an internet sensation below!



According to the fighting-type monsters Pokédex entry in the original games, its "muscular body is so powerful that it must wear a power save belt to be able to regulate its motions." Okay, fine. But where the heck does that belt come from? Machoke just evolves into a fully formed - and fully dressed Machamp. It doesn't make a lick of sense.

It's okay to be frustrated by this. It's okay to wonder why Machamp wears speedos. It is not okay to wonder what is going on underneath said speedos. It's not okay to think about this for like a million reasons, none of which I feel I should have to explain to you, dear reader. Just... don't be ogling Machamp, okay? It's weird.

Still, if you're really keen on seeing what a butt-na ked Machamp looks like, an unintentionally hilarious glitch spotted in the new mobile game Pokémon Unite has your answers.


As spotted by hukuro_unagi on Twitter, a bug has occurred that renders Machamp nude. Fortunately, you can only see the Pokémon's butt. I can't imagine anyone on the Pokémon Unite team surreptitiously included genitals while creating this 3D model, but can you imagine if this is how they got found out? That'd be an interesting Monday meeting.

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