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'Super Mario 64' Is Playable In Your Web Browser Right Now


'Super Mario 64' Is Playable In Your Web Browser Right Now

Super Mario 64 is currently completely free to play directly in your web browser, although lord knows how long it'll remain up before Nintendo takes it down.


At the time of writing, the Nintendo 64 classic can be played via this link. All you need to do is follow it and start playing. There's no need to download any ROMs or emulators on your end, just head over and enjoy while you can. Because I cannot stress this enough: Nintendo is going to take it down eventually. It's just a question of how many stars you can grab before the lawyers do their thing.


What's truly incredible about this is how smoothly it all plays. I've seen emulated games running in browser before, but the fact I can play a gem like Super Mario 64 with one click of a link is blowing my mind. You can even play with a keyboard and mouse, although that's obviously not the optimal way to experience a 3D platformer like this. Fortunately, you can also connect a controller and play the way Nintendo intend. By which I mean "with a controller", not "for free on some random website".


If you've never played Super Mario 64 before... well, go and do it now! It might not have aged perfectly, but it remains a damn fine 3D platformer packed full of dizzying invention and irresistible charm. There's a reason it remains regarded as one of the great games ever made, you know.

As reported by Nintendo Life, this phenomenal port is an extension of the Super Mario 64 decomp project. What's even more exciting for a massive Zelda nerd like me is that browser ports of The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time will also start to drop soon. This is certainly a step up from the janky Flash games I used to play in browser when I was growing up.

Featured Image Credit: Nintendo

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Ewan Moore
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