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Original 'Black Ops' Frank Woods Actor Is "So Bummed" He Was Recast

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Original 'Black Ops' Frank Woods Actor Is "So Bummed" He Was Recast

Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War was recently fully revealed by publishers Activision and developers Treyarch but fans of the original Black Ops might have a bone or two to pick with the much-loved series.


The return of Frank Woods was a welcome sight in the game's announcement trailer, who will once again be looking to tear the world's ne'er-do-wells a new one in the game that promises to be a rip-roaring sequel to the original title. But the voice actor behind Woods for over a decade, has not been invited back.


Speaking passionately in a video on YouTube, voice-over artist James C Burns cut an understandably irritated figure, who feels "so bummed" not to have been asked to reprise his role for the upcoming game.


"I'm sure the story's going to be fucking brilliant," Burns explained in the almost two and a half hour video as transcribed by Eurogamer. "It's just that if I could have brought all that I know... like I got 80,000 pounds of weight to bring to this thing. Not a knock on whoever they got in to do it, but he doesn't have the background I have with Woods. I've got 11 years with this guy man, and I have all this backstory and all this front-loaded stuff... and I know the... man!

"So that's my frustration. I would have fucking cru - not that this guy's not going to do a good job. I'm sure he is. He's a professional actor. I'm sure he'll do fine. But... ah! I would have fucking crushed this thing. That's my frustration. I wish I had a shot at it. Because man I think I would have really...

"I would have done a great job. I'm so bummed I didn't get a chance at it. That's all."


The thing that really makes this strange is that Black Ops Cold War is set between the events of Black Ops 1 and Black Ops 2, both of which Burns voiced Woods in. So this, in essence, seems to be a new actor doing an impression of Burns who, presumably, is still able to give a pretty decent rendition of Woods himself.

While Activision haven't announced who has taken over the voice of Frank Woods for Black Ops Cold War, we do know that the original voice actors for Alex Mason (Sam Worthington) and Jason Hudson (Ed Harris) will not be returning either.

Featured Image Credit: James C Burns / Activision

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