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Galaxy-Brained Gamer Fixes Busted PC Using Genius LEGO Hack

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Galaxy-Brained Gamer Fixes Busted PC Using Genius LEGO Hack

There are few things more frustrating in life than a busted PC. As someone who isn't particularly technically minded, my life becomes a sea of YouTube videos and Reddit threads as I attempt first to work out what on Earth the problem actually is, and then how I'm going to fix it. Taking a computer in to be repaired is always a last resort for me, because I'd much rather the satisfaction of doing it myself. Also, I'm super cheap.


Unsurprisingly, I know look to Reddit user Blissmoments as a source of inspiration for their genius solution to a screwed up gaming rig. After four days of updating bios, drivers, multiple fresh installs of Windows 10 to try and fix the unknown problem, our hero realised that a sagging GPU was causing the issues, which ranged from multiple BSODs, screen freezes, lines and artefacts, and other irritations.

Their remedy? Simply grab some LEGO (technically Duplo, but we're all God's building blocks here), build a makeshift pillar, and use it to keep the GPU stable. Blissmoments confirmed that the PC has been stable ever since. Simple, cheap, and effective!


Blissmoments' inspired solution to the problem earned them heaps of praise on Reddit. At the time of writing their post has been upvoted nearly 19,000 times, with fellow users praising both Blissmoments and the wonderful flexibility of LEGO for stepping in during a time of real need.



"No joke the exact same thing happened with my old PC," commented Treebawlz. "I bought a refurbed motherboard on Amazon and it was not fixed whatsoever. The light on the motherboard would tell me I would have a GPU problem when my GPU wasn't plugged in, and it would give a CPU error when it was. Screen black, no posting.

"So I just laid it on its side and it booted up perfectly, ran benchmarks for a couple hours and everything was fine. So I took some LEGO pieces and jimmied them between my PSU and GPU like you did here and it worked perfectly until I upgraded again. F*cking computers man, I'll never understand them."

I may not understand computers either, but at least we can all agree that LEGO is a universal language.

Featured Image Credit: Reddit/Blissmoments

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Ewan Moore
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