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PewDiePie Hits Out At Fans After Divisive 7-Year-Old Post Resurfaces


PewDiePie Hits Out At Fans After Divisive 7-Year-Old Post Resurfaces

YouTuber Felix Kjellberg, aka PewDiePie, has told viewers that he wasn't a hypocrite to go against his own advice, offered in a video from seven years ago. As reported by Dexerto, the hugely popular internet person doesn't edit his own videos these days - but that's not what he said YouTubers should do, in the past.


In a Reddit post from 2014, Kjellberg wrote that YouTubers should edit their own content. Dexerto quotes the post as follows: "I feel like I'd be cheating my fans. My videos would lose a huge part of 'me'. I want to prove that even with the biggest channel on YouTube, you don't have to have a lot of money. As long as you have a camera and a passion, you can go as far as you want."

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In a new video, of May 18, a viewer picked Kjellberg up on this old statement. To which he responded that, no, he's not a hypocrite for now using an editor. He said: "Yes, I don't edit my videos anymore, obviously. But I also wouldn't be able to upload nearly enough for this amount of time. So it's a trade. I don't know if this was meant to put me on the spot, but I think I stayed true to myself and this idea."

He adds that he'd never be able to manage his current output if he was also self-editing all of it - and therefore he's no hypocrite, as he's changed his opinion on others helping out, as his popularity has grown. He also misses self-editing, but it's just not possible anymore. Which, I think, is something that's totally fair. The man's not exactly famous for his Good Opinions on things, but this? Nothing to complain about, I reckon.

Kjellberg signed a new deal with YouTube last year, giving the platform exclusive rights to his livestreams. He didn't think much of The Last of Us Part II, when it came out; and a diss track of his got taken down earlier in 2021 because of bullying concerns. See, that was something to complain about, and rightly so.

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