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Playing ‘Hitman 2’ Levels In ‘Hitman 3’ Requires You To Re-Buy It From Epic

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Playing ‘Hitman 2’ Levels In ‘Hitman 3’ Requires You To Re-Buy It From Epic

Despite previous mentions of levels transferring between Steam and Epic Games Store libraries for free, IO Interactive has now stated that if you will need to re-purchase Hitman 2 from the Epic Games Store to keep progress from your Steam version of the game.


For the release of Hitman 3, IO Interactive has decided to swap a Steam for Epic Games Store exclusivity. In doing so fans asked if there was a way to transfer progress from Hitman 1 and Hitman 2 from Steam to the EGS, as Hitman 1 and 2's progress is linear. Initially, the response was yes, you will be able to do that without paying for the game again, but that is evidently no longer the case.

For console players, this process is a lot easier than it is for PC Hitman fans. So much so that IO Interactive have released a pre-launch guide on how to get the game running exactly how you might like it. Annoyingly, despite original references to preserving Hitman 2 level process and achievements on the Epic Games Store, players will need to repurchase the game on Epic's platform to have access to that content and navigate an incredibly complex list of conditions for it to work.

In the pre-launch guide spotted by Eurogamer, IO Interactive says "due to various circumstances out of our control, we want to acknowledge that the process is different to our initial plans for PC players." Which means you need Hitman 2 on the Epic Games Store to keep progress between the two titles.


In the pre-launch guide there is a mention that if you buy Hitman 3 within the first 10 days (or pre-order) of the game being out, you'll also get the Hitman 1 GOTY Access Pass. For the first 14 days after Hitman 3 launches, you will also be able to purchase Hitman 2 for 80% off, obviously attempting to make this financial blow less harsh on dedicated players.


The entire list of conditions and rules set out by IO Interactive is pretty mind-boggling and this mention of a change to the PC release of the game was mentioned quietly within the FAQs. Hopefully dedicated fans of the series at least take advantage of the sale price of Hitman 2 while it lasts, or at least don't mind using two platforms for the game. Hitman 3 comes out January 20.

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