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The PlayStation 5 System Update Has Fixed One Of The Console's Most Annoying Issues

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The PlayStation 5 System Update Has Fixed One Of The Console's Most Annoying Issues

The PlayStation 5 is a great little system with a lot to offer but, as with any newly released hardware, it's not without its issues.


Owners of Sony's next-gen console have reported a range of problems since launch that run the gamut from random crashes to DualSense controllers drifting. One of the most common and persistent issues, however, involves the PlayStation 5 disc drive.

This won't have affected anyone with a Digital Edition, obviously, but those of us with the Physical Edition PlayStation 5 are no doubt familiar with the fact that when a disc is inserted, it has a habit of spinning very loudly every hour or so. Hardly a deal-breaker of course, but given the console is usually so quiet it can be a bit of a pain in the butt when an aggressive whirring suddenly cuts across the silence.



The good news is that the PlayStation 5's first major system update, which dropped earlier this week, appears to have addressed the issue. While it hasn't eliminated the noise altogether, it definitely seems a heck of a lot quieter than it was. Push Square first pointed out the noise reduction, and we've also noticed a definite drop in volume. It still does it, mind you, but it's not as grating as it was before the update.

PlayStation 5 owners around the internet also believe it's been addressed. "I can confirm that this stupid issue is finally fixed by Sony," wrote one Reddit user. "New system update 2021-04-14 solved the problem. Well it still does the disc check but very quiet."

"I Think they semi-fixed it," added another gamer over on Resetera. "It still spins but its only 2 very faint 'wrrrs' and then it goes back down."


"I turned on my PS5 after the update and launched Ghost of Tsushima with the Miles Morales disc in the drive", added another. "I heard it spin only during the initial startup of the console, and then nothing for over an hour."

There we are then! This definitely wasn't the main purpose of the latest system update, but it's definitely a happy bonus for those of us who were growing increasingly frustrated with the noise.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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Ewan Moore
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