'Bloodborne: Endless Nocturne' Coming To PS5 This Year, According To Leak

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I've said it before and I'll say it again: Bloodborne is one of the best PlayStation 4 exclusives, and it's a damn shame that it's not on PC yet. Fortunately, it looks as if that might be about to change.

Bloodborne: Endless Nocturne is set to be announced for PC and PlayStation 5 this September during a State Of Play, with a November 2021 release following soon after. That's according to a new rumour doing the rounds online that was originally shared to 4Chan.

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The leaker claims that Endless Nocturne isn't the sequel we've all been dying for, but a fairly straightforward port of the PS4 game, being handled by a "small team" at FromSoftware. They go on to suggest this enhanced port will target 4K 60fps on console, with an uncapped framerate on PC with resolutions up to 8K. They stress that there may be some "minor texture upgrades", but this is essentially a port - not a remake or remaster.

While anonymous 4Chan sources are always to be taken with the biggest pinch of salt, this is not the first we've heard of an upgraded Bloodborne for PC and PS5. Rumours have been floating around for months now that Sony is planning to port the game to PC, and releasing a slightly enhanced version for PS5 at the same time would make all the sense in the world.

While we can't imagine it'll be anything like as robust as the new Director's Cuts for Ghost Of Tsushima or Death Stranding, Bloodborne is a game that would absolutely benefit from slicker framerates and the kind of rapid loading times that the PS5 is capable of. While the PS4 version of Bloodborne is mercifully capable of loading much quicker now than at launch, the less loading screens in a game where dying is a regular occurrence, the better.

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